Friday, February 27, 2009

Devotees Spellbound at grand celebration of Mahashivratri at Bhavkaleshwar Temple a Vision of Ganesh Naik

On the 24th of January 2007, a temple on the hills of the city was embedded to add to the city’s divine grace. The Bhavkaleshwar temple, a vision of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik saw the celebration of Mahashivratri in a grand style. Devotees were spellbound at the magnificent structure and the celebrations.
The Bhavkaleshwar temple at Khairane evokes blessed feelings as one, steps into it. And there is more to the reason of building the temple in the midst of the quarries than what meets the eyes. Nearly 15 years ago the Naik family had found a stone in the shape of Lord Nandi and since then it was worshiped at the temple sight. However, after Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s wife saw a dream, the leader decided to build a temple here. The temple construction work which was on for a decade saw the personal involvement of GM Ganesh Naik. The temple is built on an area of nearly 2000 sq. ft. A diya bought from Madras is another highlight of the temple. The temple came alive during the Mahashivratri celebrations when devotees flocked to it in great numbers. The festival of Shivartri is celebrated in the honor of Lord Shiva on the thirteenth or fourteenth day during the month of February or March. Maha Shivratri means “the big night of Lord Shiva” and during the entire night devotees worship Lord Shiva. Hundreds of people stood in queue before the temple with flowers, leaves, coconuts to worship Lord Shiva. The devotees, spellbound with the magnificent structure, showed their gratitude towards Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik who was present during the celebrations along with Former Mayor Sanjeev Naik.
Present amongst the devotees were many prominent names and dignitaries of Navi Mumbai which included NMMC Education Committee Chairman Ravi Iyer, NCP Nerul Block President Ashok Gawde, DCP R D Shinde and ACP Purushottum Karad. It is only on this great day that this temple witnesses a huge crowd and an elaborate day and night-long worship. The celebration was a grand one leaving the devotees spellbound.

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