Wednesday, July 29, 2009

With likely demolition, row house residents of Vashi meet Thane Guardian minister Ganesh Naik

Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik meets residents of row houses of Vashi Sector 6,7 and 8 at NMSA to resolve the problem of illegal encroachment.After almost 90% of the residents receiving notices from NMMC for making unauthorized extensions at their houses, the residents approached their local corporator Vittal More who arranged a meeting of the residents with Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. They presented their issues with the Minister saying that even though the construction is illegal they have done it because of security issues and within their ground area. They have not encroached upon any public space. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik addressing the residents stated that the civic body was following orders from the High Court. He advised the residents to approach the court for a stay order. He further expressed hope that with the raining season, demolition would be delayed by NMMC and hence, giving time to the residents to sought a solution to the problem. Local corporator Vittal More said that he represents the residents and as a corporator of the area he will take immediate action by forming a committee and approaching the best lawyer to handle the case. Also present for the meeting was MP Sanjeev Naik, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ganesh Naik Promises all to Vashi home owners

Guardian minister and his sons lend an ear to residents
As promised, the Naiks held a meeting with aggrieved residents of CIDCO –built row houses in Vashi on Friday Thane District Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik along with his son MP Sanjeev Naik and standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik lent a patients ear to the woes of the resident of row house in sector 6, 7, 8 who had received notices from NMMC in the last few days regarding unauthorized extension of the row house,
Surprisingly a large number of senior citizens number of senior citizen turned up for the meeting held at NMSA. Since July 25 is the last day mentioned in the notice for regularizing the unauthorized constrictions many anxious residents fearing demolitions turned up to seek help from the minister. Harping on the same tune. Naik informed the crowd that he was holding talk with Chief Minister Ashok Chavan about allotting increased floor Space Index (FSI) to original residents of Navi Mumbai. Who reside in old houses constructed by CIDCO more than 30 years ago?
“Both, ex-CM Vilasrao Deshmukh and the present CM Chavan, Have shown equal interest in the matter and we are in regular correspondence with them. Over the years.
Families have grown, their needs have increased and owners have extended their boundaries. This is true across the city .The matter of allocating increased FSI and regularizing such mistakes is now pending with the urban development department. If all goes well, the row house apartment owners too will be covered under this scheme and will be allotted more FSI. In such a case, we could even reconstruct the houses in future, “he explained.
Assuring the resident of all legal help, Naik offered the services of an experienced advocate to represent the residents in the High Court. In an emotion-packed speech. Naik said, “We are with you at every step. If required, we will even knock Supreme Court doors and get the streets to fight for your justice”. He also assured resident s that NMMC will not undertake and demolition drive till monsoon.
Corporator Vithal more urged residents to volunteer and residents to form a committee comprising representatives of various row sensitive’s of various row house associations in these sectors to attend to the problem. The committee members are likely to hold a meeting in next couple of days to file an appeal letter to be submitted in the High Court in Monday.
NMMC survey had revealed that over 80 pc row house owners have made extensions in their homes without due permission from the civic body, clearly violating FSI rules in the process. The civic body undertook the survey in response to RTI plea and a HC ruling.

Friday, July 24, 2009

NMMC standing committee approves last phase for condominium work in the city

The NMMC Standing Committee approved the last phase of work inside condominiums worth nearly Rs. 37 Crore this week. Approvals of nearly Rs. 33 Crore for executing work inside condominiums is going to bring major relief to apartments owners living in unhygienic and pathetic environs within CIDCO condominiums. The biggest issue of CIDCO condominiums is the decade’s old sewerage and water pipelines. Most residents living within condominiums hail from economically weaker background and could not carry out timely repair and maintenance work. And the increasing population only aggravated these civic issues. Since, NMMC did not have a policy in place to spend funds inside CIDCO condominiums, the conditions of water and sewerage pipelines became worse by the day, raising grave health issues for residents. In wake of the gravity of the issue, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik followed up the matter with the Chief Minister’s office and finally got a policy in place that permitted NMMC to carry out civic work inside condominiums. Soon after major allocations were made NMMC budgets and this week’s Standing Committee meeting sealed the final phase of civic work to be carried out within condominiums within city limits. After the members approved 30 proposals to carry out work within condominiums worth Rs. 37 Crore 17 lakhs 27 thousand 422, Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik informed the need to carry out the work inside condominiums and how NMMC got the approval for these work. The Chairman said that they were happy that finally work of tax paying citizens living within condominiums was undertaken in the city. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation will be utilizing funds granted under the JNNURM for this work.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guardian Ganesh Naik takes up cause of Vashi home owners

Thane District Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik has agreed to intervene and find an amicable solution to the burning issue of illegal extensions in row houses of sector 6, 7 and 8 in Vashi. The decision came after some residents approached the minister for help. Naik is expected to hold a meeting with both aggrieved residents of the row houses and officials of the NMMC in the next two days to resolve the matter, sources confirmed.
This has brought some relief to residents of these row houses who have been spending sleepless nights ever since NMMC began the survey and started issuing notices to families, who had extended their properties.
The row houses were built by CIDCO at least 20 years ago and residents say the repairs or extensions were carried out to protect the poor constructions. NMMC, in its notice, has threatened to demolish the extensions after a month, if the residents do not make necessary corrections.
Mangala Deshpande, a senior citizen residing in Sector 7 said, "Every year during the rains, our doors would get damaged since water splashes on the door. We had to bear a lot of expense hence we installed sheets on doors and windows. Also, it was not possible for a retired, aged person like me to climb up the stairs to go to the bathroom, so we shifted it to the ground floor. Are these illegal constructions? The NMMC is doing all this only to harass residents and fleece money. At this age, where are senior citizens like me expected to find money to pay NMMC?"
Her son Shashank added, "Majority of sunshades, grill works etc. were done to increase security of the residents and their belongings. The NMMC must consider our woes before undertaking any extreme step."
Other residents opined that the row houses' plan and design were not user-friendly and lacked proper protection shades from sun and rain. With advent of time, thefts and burglaries, trespassing by street urchins and nuisance increased, thereby causing danger to the lives of elderly, ladies, children and property. Minister moots joint meeting between officials, residents

Monday, July 20, 2009

Guardian minister Ganesh naik meets principals of schools and colleges

A meet was held with the principals and parents to resolve the various issues that parents face at the time of their child’s admission. The meet was presided and heard by Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik.
Getting admissions in a good college and completing the admission procedure is no less a trauma for a parent as it is for a student. To resolve the various issues that parents face, a meet was held at NMSA between principals and parents. The meet was presided over by Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. Principal of ICL College, Jayshree Dau stated that they have always tried to provide admissions to students with economically weaker backgrounds, orphans or physically challenged. But it also necessary for them to have the requisite documents from the student. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik urged the schools to provide admission to the needy without taking donations or charging high fees. What was a disappointment was that many city schools failed to participate in the meet. The minister said that they would try to inform the schools of the discussions and resolutions taken today.
Also present were NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata, NMMC Education Chairman Ravi Iyer, and DCP, Zone 1 - Pratap Digavkar who reiterated what Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik said.

Promises to green every square inch of space in the city (Navi Mumbai)

Vashi “planting trees is the only way of neutralizing the impact of global warming from that point of view, the programme of planting 2,00,000 saplings launched by NGO Green Hope is laudable,” said Environment Minister Ganesh Naik at Vashi on Sunday. He was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the programme . Film star Sachin Khedekar was the Chief Guest.
Earlier, explaining the perspective of the programme, Chairman of Green Hope, Sandeep Naik said,”Last year we planted 1, 00,000 trees and ensured 75% survival rates. This year, we have doubled the target. We will continue to plant trees till every square in of open space is greened.” He invited one and all to come and collect plant s of their choice for the purpose of planting.
The organization has prepared 16 varieties of saplings including Raintree, Gulmohur, Kadamba, Limbu, Suru, Jambul, Badam, Accacia, saptaparni, awala,parijaat, Bakul and bel.

Sowing the seeds for a clean, green, beautiful Navi Mumbai tomorrow

NGO Green Hope launched a project to plant over two lakh saplings across the nodes on Sunday. Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, actor Sachin Khedekar besides young and old lent their help for a cause to make future city a better place to live in .

Green Hope Navi Mumbai

Actor Sachin Khedekar and MLA Ganesh Naik look on as members of green hope, Navi- Mumbai – based organisation, plant trees on Vashi Road on Sunday . The organisation launched a drive to plant two lakh trees in Navi Mumbai.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Irked Naik takes principals and school teachers to task

Thane District Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik took representatives of various junior colleges to task for not attending the interactive session called by him on Friday at NMSA.
After arriving nearly two-and-half hours late for a meeting which was to begin at 9.30 am, Naik asked NMMC officials to read out the names of colleges, who did not send their representatives for the meeting. The college representatives were even asked to sign their attendance before the meeting began. Naik then instructed CIDCO officials to speak to authorities of those colleges who did not attend the meeting and seek an explanation.
Once again, Naik requested college authorities to consider the pleas of students from poor background. With an eye on the upcoming elections, Naik reiterated the same tune and insisted that educational institutions should give concession to needy and poor students. "I understand that running an educational institution is not easy, but they should try and reduce the amount for those who can not afford the high donations," he said.
Naik pointed at the increasing number of complaints from parents and students during the Janata Darbar and complained that some haughty principals from prestigious private institutes don't even look at the recommendation letters sent by him. "Are they above the system? They don't think it necessary to attend a meeting called by the guardian minister, civic chief and top police officials? Some schools behave like corporates and think in terms of profit and loss," he questioned.
He also urged principals to consider giving admission to poor students which is part of their social responsibility. "At times, authorities simply throw the request letters into dustbin. Many parents are unable to afford fees and hence they seek our help. Schools in Navi Mumbai who have received land from CIDCO at concessional rates must give preference to the sons-of-soil," he said. Civic chief Vijay Nahata pointed out at the number of freebies offered to students from impoverished backgrounds in NMMC schools and urged others to do the same.

Now, it’s a cool ride from Belapur to Bandra

The city bus commuters travelling to Bandra can enjoy a cool ride. On July 4, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) inducted five new air- conditioned Volvo buses in its fleet, to ply from the bus depot here to Bandra (W), which later may even be extended to SEEPZ.
State Excise and Environment Minister Ganesh Naik, MLC Manda Mhatre, State Transport Commissoner Deepak Kapoor, NMMT outgoing chairman Sasi Damodaran, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik and other dignitaries attended the inauguration function.
The air- conditioned Volvo buses are being run between here and Bandra covering a total distance of 35.5 kms within 85 to 90 minutes. The frequency of the buses will be 18 minutes and the fare is Rs45. The main stops apart from Belapur and Bandra are Uran Phata, D Y Patil college , Suman Nagar and Mohammed Rafi Chowk.
NMMT’s foray into Mumbai’s Queen of Suburbs is in itself an achievement of sorts for the Undertaking as it had to face stiff opposition from the BEST administration for the last many years. Ganesh Naik appreciated the efforts of the entire official who made this happen in spite of the hurdle. He also urged Volvo official to supply non-air conditioned buses as well to cater to the poor so that they too may travel in comfort at affordable price.
“Keeping the future growth of Navi Mumbai, the proposed airport and other projects in mind, NMMT must start operating these buses from Navi Mumbai to Santacruz to connect the two airports and tap this profitable market before others do. Such a service will also help boost weekend tourism in the city,” said Kapoor.
“Five Volvo city buses have been delivered to NMMT, and fifteen more will be delivered this month itself “, said Volvo buses India Ltd MD Akash Passey. He further added,”The fare is only 25 to 30 per cent higher the ordinary buses. The emissions are much lower.
Taking all the advantages into consideration, the buses are apt for travel within city and will help bring down congestion as commuters will not mind leaving their cars and bikes behind to travel by this bus.”
“Following passengers’ requests we decided to start plying buses from Belapur to Bandra as this is a very important route.”
It is also gathered that NMMT is planning to start bus services from the city to Dadar and Mantralaya, once the once the newly started service gets good response.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

NMMT starts new AC buses on CBD-Bandra route

Navi Mumbai bus commuters can now enjoy a cool ride. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) started air-conditioned bus services between Navi Mumbai and Bandra, which were inaugurated at the hands of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. NMMT has started AC buses for the Navi Mumbai to Bandra route. The services were inaugurated at the hands of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. NMMT has purchased twenty Volvo buses out of which at present 5 buses will ply between CBD Belapur to Bandra every 30 minutes. The fare of the buses would be double. He further also spoke on the kind of services that the buses will provide. Also present the State Transport Commissioner Deepak Kapoor called this a historical achievement. We also spoke with the MD of Volvo Pvt. Ltd. Akash Paasi. Apart from being air-conditioned the buses have other features too. With suspension in the buses, it would be less bumpy rides with capacity being more than regular buses. CCTVs are also installed in the buses. Also present during the inauguration was Mayor Anjani Bhoir, MLC Manda Mhatre, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik, CIDCO Chairman Nakul Patil and NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata.

Friday, July 10, 2009

MLA Ganesh Naik announced , “Practice examination for Marathi medium SSC students”

With an objective to eliminate the examination fear among students appearing for the forthcoming SSC board examination and to develop confidence within them, Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul, in coordination with the NCP, conducted a practice examination in the month of December, especially for the Marathi medium schools.
The innovative practice examination concept of NCP corporator Anant Sutar received an overwhelming response from 48 schools and more than 8,000 students had appeared for the exam, which were conducted at 10 centres across the city.
The results were declared on January 30, and meritorious students from each of the 10 centres were felicitated by the hands of MP and Rajya Sabha member Supriya Sule at a grand function held at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium in Vashi.
The top three students in the city were Nilima Khaire of Vivekanand High School, Sanpada, who topped the merit list by scoring 92.30 percent, Harshal Ahire of MGM High School, Nerul, stood second with 91.53 percent and Reshma Hussain Shaikh made it to the third position by securing 91.15 percent.
The other students were bestowed with a trophy and an appreciation certificate. The other first rankers were Akhil Bhavaskar and Shweta Dabetwar, both from Radhikabai Meghe Vidyalay, Airoli, Anamika Bhalerao of Ghansoli High School, Rahul Sawant of R F Naik Vidyalay, Bonkode, Shweta Bargode of Dnyan Vikas Vidyalay, Kopar Khairane, Maynak Mhatre of Navi Mumbai High School, Vashi, Prajakta Gunjal of Vidyabhavan, Nerul, and Avinash Bivalkar of Peoples Education Society, CBD.
The dignitaries present at the felicitation function were Thane Guardian Minister and MLA Ganesh Naik, Mayor Anjani Bhoir, Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Secondary Board, Mumbai Division chairperson Gurunath Kanthe, former Mayor Sanjeev Naik, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik, Education Committee chairman Ravindra Ithape and other NCP corporators.
Speaking on the occasion, MP Supriya Sule said, “SSC board examination is the base of every student’s career. To make the most of the opportunity, it is important to take useful tips from experts. A teacher’s utmost dedication and selfless efforts in imparting quality education can mould the future of a student and guide them in the direction of prosperity.”
Addressing the gathering, MLA Ganesh Naik announced, “The practice examination was conducted for the first time in the city and it has received a tremendous response. The students have benefited a lot. This year, the practice exam was conducted for Marathi medium students. Next year onwards, the practice exam will be conducted for SSC as well as HSC students, belonging to both, Marathi and English mediums.”
The president of Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul and the Standing Committee chairman Sandeep Naik said, “This year’s SSC board examination is based on a new syllabus. Hence, it was necessary to conduct such practice examinations.”

Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul felicitates meritorious students in the city

With the aim of encouraging students for their performance on the board examinations, 124 students of SSC and HSC from Navi Mumbai schools were honored at the hands of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. Organized by the Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul, the uniqueness of the event was that special children were also a part of the honoring ceremony, reports Nilofar Shaikh.
Young brilliant minds of Navi Mumbai have done the city proud in the HSC and SSC examinations and every effort to recognize the achievements of the students is welcome. So was the one taken by Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul. State Environment and Excise and Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik presided over the event as the Chief Guest. Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul invited the top 50 rank holders from English and Marathi medium schools that included 124 students from across the city and honored them with cash prizes, trophies and certificates. Ranging between Rs. 2000 to Rs 1 lac, the Sankul awarded a total cash prize of over Rs. 6 lacs to students.
The highlight of the event was that special children who are rarely a part of such honoring ceremonies were the special invitees. These special students that included physically challenged and deaf and deaf-blind too were awarded with trophies and cash prizes. The top three toppers of HSC were also honored during the event. The highest cash prize of Rs. 1 lac was awarded to Harshal Chavan who stood first in Mumbai Division of HSC Board.
Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol was also present during the event. In his address he appreciated the efforts of the Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul, headed by Sandeep Naik (SGHOW JANTA DARBAAR CLIPPING), for taking initiatives like these to encourage students. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik on the other hand gave students food for thought by telling them that all degrees and qualifications were a waste if students did not grow up with characteristics to become responsible citizens of a society. This advice hit a chord with the students as Harshal Chavan walked on stage to promise the Minister that students would live up to the expectations that elders had with them.
After the ceremony, excited parents and students spoke to us and were all praises for the event organized by the Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul. And here’s what excited students had to say about the event. When personal efforts of students meet social contributions of NGOs like the Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul, it goes a long way to build a tradition of excellence in education.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Green hope to plant two lakh trees-save nature for future-a special report

Come Sunday, and the city is all set to go green as Navi Mumbai is will witness the biggest annual greening drive. City NGO Green Hope, for the second year in a row is organizing a major tree plantation drive where in 2 lacs trees will be planted across Navi Mumbai.
Humankind has an obligation to put right the damage we've caused, and evidence suggests the planet has a remarkable ability to heal, if we give it a helping hand. Planting trees is seen as one of the most important things the average man in the street can do, because of its environmental impact. With this very aim, city NGO “Green Hope” is organizing the biggest tree plantation drive that Navi Mumbai has ever witnessed. This Sunday, “Green Hope’ will conduct a tree plantation drive where in 2 lac trees will be planted across Navi Mumbai and the Thane Belapur Industrial Belt. Inspired by State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik, Green Hope is dynamically spearheaded by city’s own youth leader Sandeep Naik. Green Hope made its greening debut last year when it planted near about a lac trees in Navi Mumbai and the adjacent industrial belt.

As Green Hope’s greening drive enters its second year, the organizers have increased the target number of trees to be planted from one lac to two lacs this year. The monsoon long greening drive will officially commence with a green ceremony to be held at Navi Mumbai High School Grounds at Vashi on Sunday morning. Many nature lovers and green lovers are expected to be a part of this grand ceremony. State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik credited Sandeep Naik for the initiative. The Minister also appealed to the young organizers to ensure that the mortality rate of the plantation drive is as minimal as possible.

The State Environment Minister also gave a public invitation to Navi Mumbaikars to join the green movement this Sunday. Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide, recycling it into much needed Oxygen. This goes some way to counteracting the effects of global warming and helps to cool the planet. As trees grow, their roots strengthen the soil, helping to prevent erosion, their canopy casts shade allowing the soil to retain moisture and providing perfect conditions for mini ecosystems to develop. In a city that is located adjacent to the intense chemical belt, you can do your bit by joining such green movements.

Guardian Minster Ganesh Naik announced a donation of Rs 7 lakhs each for Lions Club of Turbhe

and CBD apart from gifting a tricycle to a handicap and a sweing machine to a poor woman.The Lions club of Turbhe and Lions Club of CBD organised a musical evening at the Vishnudas Bhave audirotium in Vashi. Sudha Chandran was the star attarctaion of the show named “Nache Mayuri”.
Keeping with their social welfare activities, the lions club of Turbhe and CBD joined hands and organised a dance programme which was called Nache Mayuri Sudha Chandran. The auditorium was filled to its capacity by music and dance lovers from across the city. the digantaries present included Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata, Lions District Governor Rajeshkumar Mehra, Lions President Madhusudan Nair, Dr. Jayaji Nath and others. Guardian Minster Ganesh Naik announced a donation of Rs 7 lakhs each for Lions Club of Turbhe and CBD apart from gifting a tricycle to a handicap and a sweing machine to a poor woman. Meritorious students were also felicitated on the day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Naik's written request for admission refused

Airoli college asks student to get Guardian Minister to call personally; Naik does so on the spot at Janata DarbarForget about letters signed by local corporators, the school authorities are also refusing to entertain a letter written by Thane District Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. In one such incident, a letter written by Naik, submitted by one of the students seeking admission in FYJC, was turned down by the Airoli institution. The college asked the student to get the Guardian Minister to make a personal call to the college authorities to put in a request.
Koparkhairane resident Rajesh Tiwari (name changed on request) wanted admission in Airoli-based New Horizon Junior College and so he submitted a letter signed by Naik to the college for getting admission in the management quota. However, the authorities told Tiwari that the written letter would be of no help and that it would take a personal call from the senior politician himself.
Accordingly, Tiwari approached Naik, who is also State Minister for Excise, Environment and Labour at his Janta Darbar at Vishnudas Bhave Hall, Vashi on Friday. "Since the letter had no effect, we have come here to meet Naik personally and request him to make a phone call to the college," stated Tiwari, who has secured 70 percent marks in the SSC exam, and is seeking admission in Science stream. The college's cut-off is 75 percent.
Naik responded positively to the visitor's request by promptly calling the college authority on the spot and personally requested in favour of the student. The Minister coolly told the student that he should now go to the college on Monday for the necessary follow-up and the jubilant student, and his parents, left the Janata Darbar satisfied.
With the admission season on, a majority of the attendees at the Janta Darbar comprised of students and their parents, who were keen on the Minister's intervention to help them secure an admission in the college of their choice. There were also a handful of the usual visitors at the public gathering, putting forth issues ranging from poor bus connectivity in the nodes and bad condition of roads, to labour problems in local industries and civic mismanagement at the micro-level. And the Minister obliged them all.