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A ray of hope

Sunday, October19,2008 ,
Taking inspiration from Ganesh Naik, minister of environment, state excise and labour with anurge for a social cause and the overall welfare of the financially deprived and weaker section of the society, the disorganised workers of the jeevan Aadhar and NGO have implemented the central government scheme ‘Janshree Life Insurance’.

The jeevan Aadhar’ souvenir was unveiled by the hands of MLA Ganesh Naik on October 17 at the D Y Patil University’s auditorium. Present at the inaugural function were, mayour Anjani Bhoir, upper labour commissioner, Maharashtra state, bothare, LIC representative, Uma Ghanekar, commissioner of police, Ramrao Wagh, municipal commissioner Vijay Nahata, assistant manager of LIC Vinod Motwani, NCP’s Navi Mumbai district president Gopinath Thakur and president of the jeevan Aadhar, Kishore Dharia.

During the inaugurla function, a documentary film was presented for audience, wherein the concept of the insurance policy and the role of the NGO for the benefit of the weaker class of the society wee highlighted. The documentary was directed and produced by kamlakar jagtap and D D Mane respectively. MLA Ganesh Naik said. “In all there are types of uskilled jobs in which around , 30,000 disorganised workers are engaged. To name a few like shoe polishers, potters, head loaders, rickshw men, cobbler, laundrymen, housemaids, construction site workers, mechanics etc. As per, the insurance policy, a worker has to pay an annual premium of Rs 200. Out of which, Rs 200. Out of which , Rs 100 will be paid by the central Government, Rs 50 by the state government, Rs 50 by the state government and the remaining Rs 50 which needs to be paid by the the policy holder will be paid by Jeevan Aadhar.

He further added, “ The insurance benefits availed by the policy holder and that, in case of natural death, lhis nominee will get an insurance of Rs 30,000 while in case of accidental death the amount is Rs 75,000. The same amount of insurance is disbursed in case the policy holder becomes hadicap, he will be disbursed with an amount of Rs 37,500. There is also a student scholarship facility whereing the policy holder’s two children studying between class 9 to class 12 will be given a scholarship amount of Rs 100 per student, per month.”

Naik concluded, “ The campaign of Janshree Life Insurance will be accomplished in the month of October 2008 itself. From november 1 Onwards, Jeevan Aadhar will lauch another campaign in which a scheme will be implemented for the benefit of thise staying in rental houses and those who could not avail the benefit in the mass housing schemes of CIDCO’s lucky draw system. The non-beneficiaries of CIDCO’s schemes will soon have their own houses. Also, the States Urban Development Department (UDD) has been approached for providing 4.5 FSI for the reconstruction of CIDCO’s dilapidated building s in the city.”

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