Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ganesh Naik has Public Work done in Navi Mumbai for nearly 4 decades

Ganesh Naik is the sitting MLA of the Belapur constituency and he is once again running for elections with a backing of the public work that he has done in Navi Mumbai for nearly 4 decades. In comparison to his experience and achievements of 4 decades and undisputed image of secular leader, the candidate who stands in straight contest against Ganesh Naik is a city builder turned nuclear scientist Suresh Haware. Though some independent candidates are trying to portray themselves as mass leaders, there is little difference that they are likely to make to electoral results. What makes their battle difficult is that they have no popular symbols. So, all in all there is no doubt that in the 151 Belapur constituency, the main contest will be between Congress-NCP alliance candidate Ganesh Naik against BJP-Shiv Sena candidate Suresh Haware. work profile and achievements of all candidates who are in the fray so that voters can make the right choice of who will be their MLA in the state assembly.

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