Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guardian Ganesh Naik takes up cause of Vashi home owners

Thane District Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik has agreed to intervene and find an amicable solution to the burning issue of illegal extensions in row houses of sector 6, 7 and 8 in Vashi. The decision came after some residents approached the minister for help. Naik is expected to hold a meeting with both aggrieved residents of the row houses and officials of the NMMC in the next two days to resolve the matter, sources confirmed.
This has brought some relief to residents of these row houses who have been spending sleepless nights ever since NMMC began the survey and started issuing notices to families, who had extended their properties.
The row houses were built by CIDCO at least 20 years ago and residents say the repairs or extensions were carried out to protect the poor constructions. NMMC, in its notice, has threatened to demolish the extensions after a month, if the residents do not make necessary corrections.
Mangala Deshpande, a senior citizen residing in Sector 7 said, "Every year during the rains, our doors would get damaged since water splashes on the door. We had to bear a lot of expense hence we installed sheets on doors and windows. Also, it was not possible for a retired, aged person like me to climb up the stairs to go to the bathroom, so we shifted it to the ground floor. Are these illegal constructions? The NMMC is doing all this only to harass residents and fleece money. At this age, where are senior citizens like me expected to find money to pay NMMC?"
Her son Shashank added, "Majority of sunshades, grill works etc. were done to increase security of the residents and their belongings. The NMMC must consider our woes before undertaking any extreme step."
Other residents opined that the row houses' plan and design were not user-friendly and lacked proper protection shades from sun and rain. With advent of time, thefts and burglaries, trespassing by street urchins and nuisance increased, thereby causing danger to the lives of elderly, ladies, children and property. Minister moots joint meeting between officials, residents

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