Thursday, March 5, 2009

Controversial so called Stadium of CBD Belapur finally open doors for public by Ganesh Naik

The controversial so called stadium of NMMC was finally inaugurated in a ceremony at CBD Belapur in the presence of State Minister for Excise and Environment Ganesh Naik and MLC Manda Mhatre.
Situated at CBD Belapur; this project that started off as a stadium and is now a sport and commercial complex has made political headlines more often than not. The stadium is the brainchild of MLC Manda Mhatre and her son former corporator Nilesh Mhatre. The stadium was first proposed at the Late Rajeev Gandhi Playground at CBD Belapur when MLC Manda Mhatre was a corporator. Later on the project’s foundation stone was laid when her son Nilesh Mhatre was elected as corporator at NMMC and MLC Manda Mhatre contributed Rs. 10 lacs for it from her MLC funds. And finally, the project has been completed in the tenure of local corportaor Dr. Jayaji Nath. Built on an area of 2100 sq. meter, this sports complex has 28 shops as well. While much work of the sports complex is still to be completed, the first phase was inaugurated at the hands of State Excise and Environment Minister and Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik in a ceremony held at the complex. The leader also acknowledged the work done by the NMMC administration in giving CBD Belapur this amenity.
Ironic to the very controversial bhumipujan of the stadium a few years ago, the inaugural ceremony was a complete contrast with Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik sharing the dais with MLC Manda Mhatre. During her address, MLC Manda Mhatre shared with Minister Ganesh Naik how the idea of the project was conceived.
Speaking to the media, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik acknowledged the work done by her and local corporator Dr. Jayaji Nath for the project. He also expressed hope that with so many sports associations and clubs working in Navi Mumbai, sports would definitely get a boost in the long run.
We also caught up with the woman leader of CBD Belapur who was the first to dream about a stadium for the youth of CBD Belapur. Reiterating the response of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik MLC Manda Mhatre shared with us how the project took off and has now opened doors for the citizens of Navi Mumbai. And according to local Corporator Dr. Jayaji Nath he is happy that he could do some work that he will be remembered even if he is not a corporator tomorrow.
While the role of Dr Nath has been significant in executing the project but CBD Belapur would not have got this sports complex without the vision of MLC Manda Mhatre for starting it and the determination of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesn Naik to complete it.

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